Alex McGinness A talented entertainer with a flair for the unusual, Alex has been entertaining audiences on television and stage worldwide for the last twenty years.  In January of 1995, Alex ventured to Europe to perform in ski resorts in Switzerland and Austria, and on ships in Sweden where he was a smash success. He earned the highest praise for professionalism from the cruise host aboard the Silja Festival and has been a regular entertainer in their pub. Alex is one of the new breed of one-man pub entertainers combining music with an entertaining, high energy, fun presentation.  He plays both acoustic and electric guitars, and as one news paper in Canada put it... "Alex is a very good comedian".  There's something to come out and see in his show.  Alex hails from Toronto, Canada where a local critic said,  "This guy is a party just waiting to happen."   If you're looking for a crowd-pleasing attraction for your cruise ship or pub, look no further than the Alex McGinness rock and roll party!!!